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Premium cowboy boots
made in Poland

Handmade shoes

Musk is a brand that produces high-quality women’s cowboy boots. These are hand-made shoes and one hundred percent Polish-made shoes. Musk shoes are made in a small manufacture near Warsaw, where they are created by experienced craftsmen, ranging from the development of shoemakers for a specific model of cowboy boots, through sewing, and ending with the finished product.

Vegetable tanning

Musk cowboy boots are Polish-made shoes, but to create them, we use the best quality Italian vegetable-tanned leather, i.e. a completely natural material that ages beautifully. Vegetable tanning of leather involves soaking the leather in plant extracts, without the use of harmful chemicals, minerals and synthetic agents. The vegetable tanning process also takes much longer than the classic tanning process – about 30 days, which is as much as 15 times longer than the chrome process. Thanks to vegetable tanning, the leather is well-oiled, smells beautiful and becomes waterproof.


Cowboy boots are a product that does not follow the fast fashion trend. Musk shoes can be worn for many years, they fit almost any styling, and worn ones still look trendy! Therefore, they are a timeless product, constituting the basis for the entire wardrobe and used almost all year round. MUSK cowboy boots are Polish-made shoes, which means that they are solidly made, of high-quality materials and incredibly comfortable.

Production of small quantities

Handmade shoes are never produced in large numbers. Our brand fights with overproduction – production is outsourced in smaller batches, but more often – depending on the customers’ needs for specific models and sizes of cowboy boots.


Our brand pays great attention to the packaging of the product. MUSK shoes are packed in cotton bags scented with 100% MUSK perfume, created in cooperation with the Mo61 perfumery. MUSK shoes can therefore be stored in a bag or used for other purposes. In addition, they are packed in eco-cardboard that can be reused.

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