Our cowboy boots are made of natural leather, which is a heterogeneous and unique product. Its diversity confirms the naturalness of the product and emphasizes its uniqueness. Scars, yokes, abrasions on the face of the skin prove the authenticity of the product and are not grounds for complaint. The aging process of leather shoes, including deformation, abrasion, kinking, bending or color change, is a natural process. In order for your shoes to retain their original appearance for as long as possible, you should take special care of them: clean regularly with a dry or slightly damp cotton cloth, and in the case of chamois leather – comb out with a brush intended for this purpose do not let the shoes become excessively damp and wet – in the event of contact with water, wipe the shoes dry as soon as possible; drops of water can cause permanent changes to the leather of footwear do not dry the shoes with an electric dryer or heater – the shoes should be left in a dry, warm place until completely dry do not use chemicals to clean and impregnate footwear (solvents, removers, etc.) store shoes in a cotton bag attached to the order, preferably filling the shoes from the inside, e.g. with soft, light-colored paper footwear should be impregnated with natural products for skin care, e.g. based on natural beeswax
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